Saturday, July 26, 2014

The House, The House, The House

Hello to you! Here's your Saturday Post:

The House, The House, The House
Dedicated to Brother Mike and Church in Ramona

I have learned that I can not give what I do not have.

I have learned that I can not change a single person.

I can change my self, and then my home, and then my social environment.

A house, in a house, a part of a house,
and as the hierarchy is strengthened within me,
I thank God for the peace it has bought me.

House 1 is me, my spirit, soul and body. It is my first and deepest root to God and to humanity.

House 2 is my family, by blood or adoption. These people should receive the best of my time and attention from the best place just outside of myself.

House 3 is my community, my fellow man. It is my duty to bring whatever joy I can to these people, by involvement or absence.

Inside of me
Inside my house
A part of my kingdom
I am a person
Inside a group
A part of a people
I have a temple
My family is a temple
Within the kingdom known as "world"
But first my temple
And then my family
Before the world to show the world
DT Fountain, Ramona CA
© Tiffany Monique, July 2014

With words, song and prayer,
Here's where you can read me
A ChoreoPictoPoem
© Tiffany Monique, March 2014

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