Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Accountability Includes Silence

Hey there and welcome back!

I've been doing some marvelous on-the-ground changes of late, to include prepping for married life and home making. There have been brief moments of inspiration, but the groove of moving furniture and washing Venetian blinds kept my hands  busy. It's a magical rhythm... dreaming, conceiving, engaging, working, realizing, resting. Lather, rinse and repeat. On so many levels. Pme and Qme are forging steel bonds with each other, and maturity is making a royal appearance in my hegemony. It is humbling and exciting. But more than that, it is peaceful. I'll be posting more soon.

© Tiffany Monique 6.24.14
"Bright Echo"

With words, song & prayer,
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P.S. Poetry is abounding, but also some possible publishing... stay tuned!

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