Saturday, May 31, 2014

dry souls

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Daley Ranch © Tiffany Monique
January 2014

dry souls smell like dead dreams sometimes
raisins, yes, shriveled by time
scratchy when they pass you by
jealous of your wings

dry souls hunt for your living blood

but lack the energy to do any good
they just smell of rotted fruit
curious people things

dry souls sing with fetid mouths

moments, seconds, minutes, hours
they lie constantly of their powers
chanting hateful songs

dry souls lay in wait for weakness

misrepresenting those born to meekness
within a facade they claim eliteness
hiding plagues and seeds gone wrong

dry souls have claws in their commentary

vilifying those lives not sedentary
defining disease as those not ordinary
"normal" is their land

dry souls waste away parasitically

living off the living just to die inevitably
still they clamor with whispering
chorus of the damned

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