Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dream: Tankers and Tidal Waves

Dreams and Weirdness

695 Beltway in the Rain
© Tiffany Monique 2008
Had a cool dream... but it has some weirdness in it too.

I was in "Baltimore" on the street where I grew up, but it was (in that strange way of dreams) only a couple blocks away from the bay. I was on my way from the corner store where some random guy bought me my choice of candy. I saw, in the Atlantic, a tidal wave coming, and there were many tankers and ships in the bay. I woke up before the tidal wave arrived, but I was right in front of the fleet of tankers as they were coming, full of scared people. This too was weird, because the water seemed to be right behind the tankers, despite the fact that I saw the housing being filled up with people annoyed at sharing space... I knew they were going to overrun the housing... but the wall of water was right there, and it was coming in. In my dream, this happened at high Noon with not a cloud in the sky.
Reflection of Mercy in Dowtown Baltmore
© Tiffany Monique 2011

Clouds at the Seashore
© Tiffany Monique 2012
A week or so later I had another dream of a dangerous wall of water flood coming. This time I was in the valley of "Oceanside" and the wall of water came over Mission Avenue, down the hill.

I felt the tidal wave arrive, but I don't remember seeing it, which was weird because I was driving towards the hill to warn someone I knew. My car was turned around and carried away in the murky, churning water towards a bright light in the East. This time the water was full of mud and such. I was alone in my car, and I felt that the warning I carried was heavy.

In my second dream, this happened at night.

I know these dreams are related, and I know my dreams speak volumes when they ping me like this...

I love to know... what do you think?
Forgiving Misdirects 7.5.13
© Tiffany Monique
With words, song & prayer, TiMo
Onward Looking - February 2014
© Tiffany Monique

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