Saturday, January 11, 2014

Autumn Jade

Autumn Jade at roughly 20hrs old, with her loving Auntie, Yours Truly
I was unable to submit my Friday Poetry. Sorry about that.

My newborn niece, with arguably the COoOooOoooLEST name EVER, summoned me to regard and be regarded by her. So here is a poem to mark the occasion.


We say Happy New Year
It is
It really is a Happy New Year
For her
It really is a Happy New Year
For me
The duplicity of duplication
Her brand new eyes
My brand new eyes
What she sees is me
What I see is me
What she sees is new
What I see is new too
My family
My blood
So different
And the same
Her eyes
My eyes
Her perception
My reception
Autumn Jade
A beautiful jewel harvested
And a beloved harvest
A new life
And a new life

Dedicated to my niece, her mother and father, and to my growing family - stronger than ever by the grace of God.

With words, song & prayer, TiMo
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