Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Poetry 7.28.13

It's all about family y'all. If you look at the word long enough it starts to deconstruct... 
(c) 7.26.2013

Redefining Family

What does the word Family mean to you
When someone says, "show me your family"
Where do you look to?

Is it a person you look for, a duo, perhaps a team
Tell a lie, tell the truth
Live the American Dream

My fam, my clique, my crew, set, posse, clan
All for one, or a smoking gun
Depends on who's in the plan

Do you cut off limbs if 'they' hurt you or yours
If enough time passes
Will you reopen closed doors?

I admit my definition has shifted with age
I claim no full knowledge
Experience is my sage

Family meant persons for whom I'd die
When someone hurt my family
I was ready to fight

Blood was not the qualifier, and my list was long
Friends forever wasn't said
But when I said friend, the bond was strong

I've begun to see family with a more open hand
They must make their own choices
Have their own dreams, make their own stand

Sometimes they have to go out and learn they were wrong
So that the family can come together
Sing a more connected song

Perspective taints reality where family is concerned
What you see isn't what you get
A penny saved is a lesson learned

Sometimes the best gift of family is time away
If only to gain some part of
The warp in perspective we let stray

Long losts return and we welcome them home
Though their eyes seem world-wearied
And distant from home

We forget the stolen clothes and hateful words
And we remember the cracking up
Random things, like jokes about birds

And we see then through the glasses that love has us wear
We heal from the hurts
And bind up the tears

Strangely that family will not perfect
We just start see them differently
As life makes us reflect

Sometimes the ritual includes the explosion
Joyous embraces at first
The negative drama and emotion

And hurting people continue hurting, while 'ouches' still occur
But the love manages and grows
No matter how much "nicer" we wish they were

Prodigal sons, daughters, fathers and mothers too
But of course this is my opinion
What does FAMILY mean to you?

I dedicate this to all my family. You know who you are, and I thank you for being a part of my life, whether or not that part was (is) good, bad, or ugly!

(c) Tiffany Monique 2013

With words, song & prayer,
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