Friday, April 8, 2011

Feeding my undernourished intellectuality...Kudos to Josh Pollock.

Josh Pollock and I met at my G2 Goddard Residency. For some reason, I was going on and on about The Matrix and how it could be used to teach people about different types of understanding/learning/knowing (and yes I see them as all three mutually exclusive). As we started talking about the movie and it's uses as a learning tool, he and I started talking about different things. He interviewed me for the Magazine of Yoga, and has since asked me to do a regular contribution to his new blog Celebration of the Nerd. My section is called "Tiffany vs. The Matrix". It is so apt for where I am right now.

I have been exploring some seriously lofty concepts with my friends over the last three weeks. Time has changed its mile-markers. From days, weeks, and months I have gone to defining my time by which packet I am working on. Right now I am thinking solely in terms of Packet 2. From the Matrix to Invisible Man, I am exploring all this knowledge and theory. I am lucky to have friends and family to help me walk through the mire of emotional responses to life and learning because life has been doing its own thang with gusto, depstite my best attempts to ignore it and be artistic.

In the meantime, I have also been writing for work. For the DC Examiner, I am interviewing at least seven people (which reminds me, I have an article deadline for this evening). I love how busy I am, and yet I still feel like it is a preamble for what is really coming as far as workload. This week FW&D did a restaurant review for Maplewood Grill in Vienna. I ate so much it hurt, and I had leftovers (BTW- the meal to get: Shrimp & Crab Poppers for the Appetizers, Seared Scallops as the main dish, and Brownie Sundae). Writing the review was not easy, but I exercised my self-discipline muscles and got it done. Just like I did with the blog about the kitchen floor we just did. Just like Packets.

And now, on to my business plan. Learning how who I am is interacting with my finances. Do I obsess over the need to buy things? Do I like the drama of billpaying or living close to financial limits? Am I scared to buy a home because of what it would mean to truly commit to something that grounded? What is my thesis question and does this play into it? Am I ready for the reality of my slowing down and truly questioning what is going on? God help me, I am started to think I am.

Imagine, plan, prepare, execute...
"And you will know them by their fruit"

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