Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Art Commentary- The Wall

On the wall of Busboys and Poets in Shirlington, Virginia
This photo shocked me the first time I saw it. In a matter of seconds I was disgusted, offended, then subtly shocked (as if shaken awake), then proud.

Then I was inspired. This is one of those images that shouts at me a million things that I honestly don't want to say, but that scare, because it is saying them louder than I ever will, if I live by my own constructs of myself.

The script/scene from Ever After began to replay in my head, "A bird can love a fish Signore, but where would they live?" I remember this scene because his response was disjunct. Something to the effect of, "then we will just have to make you wings". It was not an answer to her question, but to her underlying (or overlaying) problem. The metamessage of caste, class, and love. Then the artistic wheels began to turn.
Can you tell where the line starts? Can you read the many layers of commentary whispering and shouting here?

And so I began to write, while I was waiting...

A bird can love a fish, but where would they live
In the heart
In the belly
Of a dog
He holds her there
She holds him
His gun
The gun
Giving life...
Taking life...
Shooting pink hearts
Out of a green
Of Peace
And she is on her knees
With her back to me
And not quite here

This piece is not done, but I can only look at the image so long... there are warring factions in my mind, about decency, about beauty, about honor, and about 'honor'.

I'll let this seed germinate for a while...

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